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Dylan Morris, born 1997 in Hong Kong, is a mixed media visual artist now residing and working in East-London, UK. Morris is currently studying a BA in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts, although he had been practicing as a self-taught artist since 2019 and has shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions in London. 


Born from a need for direction after leaving a Philosophy degree at The University of Edinburgh, his art began simply as a form of therapeutic introspection and an exciting foray into self-expression. A year later, his large-scale expressionist paintings were discovered by The Bermondsey Project Space who would soon go on to host Morris' first show, a solo exhibition of his paintings in the summer of 2020. The gallery would continue to champion Morris, exhibiting his work in two subsequent solo exhibitions.


In 2022, Morris began studying at Camberwell College of Arts and his practice has since expanded in use of medium and has become more considered in its interaction with concepts. Now, working mainly with collage, Morris' work currently seeks to reflect on the overabundance of media and the superficiality of online content. Through the physicality and detail intensive nature of his practice, he seeks to obtain a form of catharsis over the feeling of constant information overload; to find and express agency over an air of perpetual stimulation. 


Taking inspiration from as wide a range of sources as possible, from Baroque paintings to internet culture, Morris uses thrifted paper and books to compile his images that both distort and weave together a broad spectrum of imagery. Morris intends to generate a picture that is both abstract and figurative, that pays homage to his expressionist past and that produces new, more nuanced textures. Each picture, as Morris sees it, is a matrix of colours, patterns and imagery, creating something physically that represents the digital world.      


2023  Cardboard Radiator, Group Exhibition, Lot Projects, London 

2022  Art In Mind, Group Exhibition, The Brick Lane Gallery, London

2022  Bonehead, Solo Exhibition, London

2022  Mudpuppy, Solo Exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space, London

2022  The Other Art Fair, London

2021  Winter Showcase, Group Exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space, London

2021  Kerosene, Solo Exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space, London

2020  Plastic Eyeballs, Solo Exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space, London


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